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Our Mission

Extending our expert knowledge and expertise to you, JordanBITS, as your lead professional training and development experts towards new horizons that are in harmony with the challenges of this era of development, globalization and integration. Guiding you towards new rich opportunities of today's market; through the reliable support of our partnerships within employment and vocational fields.

Our vision

JordanBITS vision is to operate as a universal organization dedicated to fulfill the training needs of organizations and individuals through synergistic partnerships.

Our Company's Values

We always work tirelessly, without losing pace towards delivering distinction and value as it has been our ambition always to be recognized as the prestigious scientific center that we confirmed to be; this is JordanBITS motivation and fuel to make every activity to be as significant and rewarding to you just as it is to us. Along with our carefully selected training programs and expert minds constitutes the core infrastructure suitable for a real breakthrough and a most effective process for your training and development. We believe that as a beacon light of knowledge and skill to you as individuals in your organization, we will help you elevate your success and excellence, imparting expertise, knowledge and creativity that it becomes your reservoir for a lifetime.


JordanBITS as a company seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Active participation in meeting the requirements of the labor market through training programs, occupational, developmental, and modern technology programs.
  2. Improve staff performance in public and private sectors as well as the development of administrative structures.
  3.  Guarantee trainees' satisfaction and meeting their expectations.
  4. Contributing to the realization of the Total Quality Management (TQM) concept in training.

JordanBITS is set to remain at the lead through distinction in its training programs and services in order to create new perspectives and thought within everyday business.

JordanBITS offers an integrated system of programs, training seminars and lectures given by experts and professors of specialists renowned for their competence and experience in their area of specialty.

And we go the extra mile to design and customize special training courses for organizations according to their specific needs.


JOBITS  Management Consulting

  • Economic feasibility study
  • Market research study
  • Social and Finance Research and Studies
  • Organized Work Plans and programs
  • Strategic planning

JOBITS  Organizational Restructuring

  • Development of administrative systems and processes
  • Human resources systems
  • Organizational and Departmental Restructuring
  • Business Process Re-Engineering


JOBITS  Financial and investment advisory services

  • Financial and accounting systems
  • Review and improving accounting processes
  • Forecasting systems methods
  • Investigation of financial and operational processes
  • Cost accounting
  • Costs reduction and loss allocation systems


 JOBITS  Privatization of Public Sector

  • Privatization Strategies
  • Privatized Institutions Assessment and Analysis
  • Restructuring, Planning and Development for Privatization  Purposes
  • Privatization Implementation Procedures

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